Daydreamin’ 💭

It’s really a shame that our youth are being raised not to trust people of other races. The world is so messed up right now and it’s terrifying. It’s just like history keeps repeating itself, or better yet, still hasn’t ended. We are still in the same place we started. It’s a frustrating feeling if you really let yourself get boggled down in it. Will there even be a time of complete equality? Or is this a constant test that we fail to pass? Will there ever be a time of true trust amongst all races? Will people ever wake the hell up and realize that we really are all just spirits in human form? And that there is just much magick in the world-enough for each of us to shine in our own powerful ways. And the spirit of love truly is in all of us.
If we all took time to really just focus on ourselves and our power- I mean just imagine what type of world we would be.
Take care of yourself. Laugh. Fix your shit. Love. Live your passion.
I’m not sure who created this “American Dream” but the only dream that matters to me is mine. Live intentionally my loves.❣️


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