"Love is a verb. An action. To serve and to love. Not out of obligation but out of genuine care."

Tonia Simone, BSED, BSN RN

We exist to educate, heal and empower our people by providing fulfilling resources, health education and wellbeing support.

We intend to enable humanity with self-sufficient and life-sustaining skills and inspire health empowerment.

We strive to support society in thriving by offering engaging experiences that support an individuals sense of community and autonomy. We honor the healing of the individual alongside with the healing of the collective. 

We intend to enable marginalized communities with tangible ways to enhance their quality of life, become proactive in their healthcare and reconnect with their sense of self-sufficiency. 

We believe in being gentle and kind to others and to ourselves. By operating from a space of grace we are able to serve and share from a place of respect.

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