Meet the Maker

Meet Tonia Simone: Tonia uses her expertise in clinical nursing, herbal medicines, holistic wellness and other complementary healing services to empower individuals to increase control over, improve and actively maintain their health. 

Tonia is passionate about joining forces with other philanthropic and community organizations that prioritize the healing and empowerment of unrepresented groups while allotting access to various resources that assist in improving their overall health, emotional wellness and total wellbeing. Her eagerness has promoted collaborative partnerships with other wellness professionals and local experts, increasing access to integrated wellness services.

Although an avid traveler and world nomad, Tonia Simone will always consider herself a Georgia Bred-Southside Fed community nurturer, advocate and family gal. 

If interested in custom therapeutic preparations, click the green link below to set your appointment for a consultation.

Registered Nurse, BSN
B.S. Education
Recipient of Comcast Rise Creative Campaign & Network Commercial
Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (USAWEC) Member 2022
Student of The Entrepreneurship Institute of Atlanta
Beyond Yoga Grant Recipient

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