What is Dinacharya and Why?

Dinacharya is the ancient Ayurveda practice of daily self-care and routine, a tradition that derived from and flourished in India. In India, and now around the world, people begin their days with a Dinacharya practice-which involves a group of processes that are not only grounding, but also helps guides us to a place of awareness of self and of our environment.

There are some common processes that are typically apart of a Dinacharya-such as meditation, Abhayanga, washing your face, etc- but the important thing to remember is to guide this practice to what feels good to you. No two rountines are identical and that is okay. 

Adopting a morning rountine is one of the most loving things that you can do for yourself and it can positively change your life. It allows for peace, creativity and love to flow in and out of your life. When creating any daily routine it is important to remember that this is for you.

So give it a try. Wake up a little earlier and ignore those notifications for just a little bit longer. 


Simone’s Perfect Dinacharya:


~A glass of water and herbal blend

~ 5-15 minutes breathing exercise (pranayama)

~ Wash/Scrub Face & Brush Teeth

~ Abhayanga: daily self massage using oil. My intention and body oils are perfect for this by not only bringing awareness to the present moment- but by inviting love, optimal health and happiness into your life.

~ Cup of tea and fruit

~ 5-15 minutes yoga flow

~ 5-10 minutes meditation

~ Breakfast and thus begin my day, walk my dog, etc.


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