Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation

Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation

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Return to a balance of self with a personalized Holistic Health Consultation.

The divine intent of this session is to promote whole body wellness, disease prevention and expedited healing. This consultation will provide integrative insight, herbal remedies and more-all wrapped up in an easy to digest, in-depth We-Care Plan (Wellness Care Plan), that is artfully crafted for your individual healing and wellness needs.

This is a very personal approach to your concerns, beginning with a detailed assessment and evaluation of your total health from a holistic standpoint, taking into consideration your health history, previous lab work, current lifestyle and routines. After reviewing it all, our Master Herbalist, Tonia Simone, lead you through a virtual consultationShe digs deep into the 8 realms of wellness, and if applicable, together you will co-create a feasible customized plant-based lifestyle plan, complete with grocery lists, meal plans and a list of daily plant-based integrations that will help you along the way.

She will curate the balanced, plant-nutrient dense, We-Care Plan with resources pertaining to healthy lifestyle modifications, herbal remedies, beginner-friendly recipes and daily rituals. Alongside that you will be educated on how to effortlessly incorporate new and nourishing habits into your daily wellness regimens.


Post-consultation, T. Simone will provide you with a copy of your We-Care Plan and a 15% discount on any purchase towards your self-healing endeavors. 

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