Senior Health Advocacy Program

Senior Health Advocacy Program

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Taking the time to evaluate and understand what each individual needs to thrive in their everyday life and health journey.

This 6-week program was created to provide both the clients and their families clarity within their health care plan and peace with their overall management of care and quality of life moving forward.

Granting clients more health autonomy (a more active role in their healthcare experience) and trust in their health and wellness care team.

Supplying access to resources that promote sustainable self-sufficiency as we progress through the different stages of life.

Whether needed to assist in managing a new acute health concern, an ongoing chronic matter, general management of care needs as you age, or are on the road of post-op recovery, we are here to add ease, service accessibility and clarity to those involved in that journey.

At the end of the consultation all of this information, and more, will be all wrapped up in an easy to digest, in-depth WellCare Plan, artfully crafted to your individual healing and wellness needs.

Your WellCare Plan is your personalized wellness plan of action that will be deeply embedded with healthy habits, medicinal plants as tools and holistically healing regimens that is all strategically presented in a way that is to be integrated into your everyday life, with ease.

We want you to feel confident self-advocating for your own health and we want to show you how to integrate healthy habits into your everyday practices, with ease.


An in-depth health and wellness assessment and holistic evaluation
One hour virtual consultation and two bi-weekly check-ins
Thorough review of current health and wellbeing schematics
Evaluation of current physician-patient relationships, care team coordination and care satisfaction assessment
Facilitation of acquiring new healthcare team members, if applicable
Nutrition evaluation and nutrient-dense eating plan development
Pain assessment and management considerations

Customized movement and mobility improvement action plan
A customized WellCare Plan tailored to your individual needs and goals

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