Group Workshop Facilitator

Group Workshop Facilitator

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Are you looking for a mindful host for a retreat, wellness program or experience?

Tonia Simone is a gifted herbalist, intellectual-yet mindful-hippie, and registered nurse who serves as a community educator and facilitator of health and wellness teachings centered in holistic nutrition, hygiene, proactive care, whole body awareness, emotional intelligence and spiritual well-being.

Tonia facilitates and hosts workshops, fireside chats and focus groups that are intentional, informative and enlightening experiences. Curated for all type of group settings, from leadership teams, small groups, spiritual gatherings, students and overnight retreats.

Tonia serves as the group leader and instructor, guiding the participants through an engaging, conversational journey intuitively embedded with lessons along the way. This strategic process of co-creation, powerful questions and active dialogue allows us to achieve a specific objective, together, on a more profound level.

Rooted in teachings of holistic health, happiness, habit building, interpersonal relationships and communication, mental wellness and easily digestible health and wellbeing education.

Offering engaging and educational programs that help with:

Stress and anger management
Plant-based lifestyle habits
Coping skills
Emotional wellbeing
Plant medicine
Preventative/Proactive health & wellness
Self awareness/Self sufficiency sustainability
Emergency preparedness and more

One hour of an immersive, engaging learning experience in the form of a seminar session, leadership retreat, health and wellness program, employee in-service, school pop-up, etc
A tangible follow-along and/or takeaway document for participants
3 weeks of email correspondence check-ins, support and mini-activation reminders to keep participants engaged and focused on the self-work following the workshop for all participants

    If you have an upcoming event or program that you would like Tonia to facilitate, book your initial consultation below and you will be contacted by one of our associates.

    Have a focus in mind that you do not see listed? Shoot us an email and let's talk!

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