Love & Light Hair Serum
Love & Light Hair Serum

Love & Light Hair Serum

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Daily Affirmation: Love flows to me and from me, easily and effortlessly.

Grounding-Beauty-Mental Clarity-Relaxation

This Serum was is infused with a bundle of organic flowers that target irritated skin and promote overall relaxation and happiness. The infused rosemary and orange peel are not only great for headaches but it also promotes mental clarity works to ease your mind and provide relief from a depressive state.

This oil is a combination of grounding and rejuvenating herbs that allow you to care for your scalp and hair while attracting clarity in your life. It is the perfect foundation for your abhyanga (the daily oil self-massage). Deep breathe and allow yourself to melt into the moment.

You can either massage this oil all over or focus on a target area for a moisturizing, clarifying and spirit-elevating treat.


Ingredients: Almond Oil, Dandelion, Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Orange Peel


How to use:

Use this oil in many ways! Massage into your scalp fresh out of the shower or add to your daily hair care routine. This oil can also be used as a tool to anoint yourself, your alter and/or candles (if that's your thing!)

Don't know where to start? Visualize and write down your intentions, put them in a safe place and then add this oil to your Dinacharya practice/ morning routine. Each time you use the oil remember and acknowledge the intentions you set. 


Did You Know?

Customized oils and tonics are available, always. Contact T. Simone at Beloved Bodies so that we can chat about your desires and co-create something that provides healing targeted towards your needs.

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