1-on-1 Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation

1-on-1 Holistic Health & Wellness Consultation

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 Return to a balance of self with a personalized Holistic Health Consultation

This virtual consultation will provide insight on your current wellness predicament and educate you on some necessary steps needed to move forward on a path of healing and a full, well-lived life. The intent of this session is to promote whole body wellness, disease prevention and expedited healing. 

This is a very engaged approach to your health and wellness questions and concerns, beginning with a detailed assessment and evaluation of your total health portfolio from a whole person standpoint, digging into the 8 realms of wellness and leaning into the use of plant medicines for its many benefits. Alongside that you will be educated on how to effortlessly incorporate new and nourishing habits into your daily wellness regimens.

At the end of the consultation all of this information, and more, will be all wrapped up in an easy to digest, in-depth WellCare Plan, artfully crafted to your individual healing and wellness needs.

Your WellCare Plan is your personalized wellness plan of action that will be deeply embedded with healthy habits, medicinal plants as tools and holistically healing regimens that is all strategically presented in a way that is to be integrated into your everyday life, with ease.

We want you to feel confident self-advocating for your own health and we want to show you how to integrate healthy habits into your everyday practices, with ease.

Post-consultation, Tonia will provide you with a copy of your new WellCare Lifestyle Plan and craft one herbal infusion to help you reset your body as you set sail on your self-healing journey.


An in-depth health and wellness assessment and holistic evaluation
One hour virtual consultation and one 30 minute check-in included
Thorough review of current health and wellbeing schematics
Nutrition evaluation and nutrient-dense eating plan development
A customized WellCare Plan tailored to your individual needs and goals

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