Celeste Amor Body Serum
Celeste Amor Body Serum
Celeste Amor Body Serum

Celeste Amor Body Serum

Daily Affirmation: I am a vessel for pure love, of self and of others.


Use this body serum intentionally to attract more love of all forms into your life. Whether you’re trying to attract more love, get you/a lover in “the mood" or just invite more love into your life,  a small amount of this tincture will help release any anxiety & tension while opening the body, mind and heart.

Massage this Kava Kava based oil on any tense body part and feel the release. Your mind will be alert and aware while your body relaxes and opens up. Enjoy that moment. Embrace that moment.

 Translates to “heavenly love.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Kava Kava, Roses and Chamomile


How to use:

Use this oil in many ways! Massage into your pores fresh out of the shower or add a dab to your bath water to further intensify the benefits of your soak. This oil can also be used in your hair or as a tool to anoint yourself, your alter and/or candles (if that's your thing!)

Don't know where to start? Visualize and write down your intentions, put them in a safe place and then add this oil to your Dinacharya practice/ morning routine. Each time you use the oil remember and acknowledge the intentions you set.  


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